2016 Schedule Overview

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Welcome Dance, Lewis Ginter Recreation Center
7:30pm Beginner Swing Lesson
8:30-11:30pm Dance to the great sounds of the legendary Boilermaker Jazz Band. $20 at the door (included in weekend package). Don't forget to sign up for the Jick and Jall prelims which will be ~10:30pm!
Late Night at the Dance Space
12:00-3:00am Dance to tunes provided by our DJs Erica Vess, Dave Barry, and Helene Horowitz! Hungry? We've got free snacks! $5 at the door (included in weekend package)

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Workshops with Skye, Peter, Sylvia, and Naomi, Lewis Ginter Recreation Center
10:00-11:00am Skill Level Placements (Auditorium). All intermediate and advanced track registrants must take this level placement class during which our instructors will teach something cool and challenging.
Intermediate No. 1: Swingouts Every Which Way (Naomi & Peter)
Advanced No. 1: Nuances of Leading and Following (Sylvia & Skye)
12:15-1:15pm Ginter Room: An affordable lunch will be available for a small fee. We will once again be serving awesome sandwiches from 8-1/2!
Intermediate No. 2: Keeping The Flow Through Patterns (Sylvia & Skye)
Advanced No. 2: Ad Libbing Without Ruining The Flow (Naomi & Peter)
Beginner No. 1 (Ginter Room): with Erica & Ryan
2:30-3:30 pm
Intermediate No. 3: Keep Them Guessing (Naomi & Peter)
Advanced No. 3: Turning Techniques (Sylvia & Skye)
Beginner No. 2 (Ginter Room): with Erica & Ryan
3:45-4:45 pm

Intermediate No. 4: Intermediate Solo Jazz (Skye)

Advanced No. 4a: Advanced Solo Jazz (Naomi)
Advanced No. 4b: So You Think You Can Bal? (Sylvia & Peter) (Ginter Room)
Dance with the Blue Crescent Syncopators, Lewis Ginter Recreation Center
7:30pm-8:30pm Beginner Lindy Hop Lesson
8:30-11:30pm Practice the stuff you learned and dance to the live sounds of the Blue Crescent Syncopators. Cover for the dance is $25 at the door (included in weekend package). Jick and Jall finals will be ~10:30pm.
Late Night with our awesome DJs at the Dance Space
12:00-4:00am More great dance tunes to be provided by our DJs Erica, Dave, and Helene! We'll have another assortment of special munchies to keep you fueled into the wee hours! $10 at the door (included in weekend package) .

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Workshops with Skye, Peter, Sylvia, and Naomi, Lewis Ginter Recreation Center
Intermediate No. 5: Fancy Steps (Naomi & Skye)
Advanced No. 5: Mastering Out and Ins (Sylvia & Peter)
Intermediate No. 6: Slow Dancing (Sylvia & Skye)
Advanced No. 6: Slip 'n' Slide (Naomi & Peter)
Beginner No. 3 (Ginter Room): with Erica & Ryan
12:15-1:30pm Lunch break. We will have two food carts again this year: jKogi and Happy Empanada!
Intermediate No. 7: A Little Off The Ground (Naomi & Peter)
Advanced No. 7: How To Make That Move Your Own (Sylvia & Skye)
Beginner No. 4 (Ginter Room): with Erica & Ryan
Auditorium, Intermediate/Advanced No. 8: The Last Round-Up. Continuing a Jammin' tradition, this last combined class will be taught by our four intermediate/advanced track instructors. Beginner track attendees are welcome to sit in and audit (i.e., watch) this class!
One for the Road Dance with Gypsy Roots, Lewis Ginter Recreation Center
4:00-6:00pm Dance to gypsy jazz sounds of local favorites, the Gypsy Roots and partake in free refreshments before hitting the road! $5 at the door (included in weekend package)