A serious up-and-comer on the international scene - from Vilnius, Lithuania, teaching and helping Lithuanian swing scene to emerge. Dancing was always in her blood. She first tried Ballroom and Folk dances, but it was when she found the family of Swing dances that she knew she had found what she was looking for! Egle believes that dancing is something that helps people conquer their fears and truly connects them to who they really are. She likes to say: "The way we are is the way we dance, magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone thereby accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses and strengths". And she can walk the walk, you just watch what happens as soon as she hears a good song, no matter if it is swing, salsa, funk, soul, hip-hop or house... Egle starts dancing, because she just loves good music! She also believes that if one can walk one can dance, everything else depends on passion and willingness to work.